Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with an experienced, patient, and qualified professional. We will start from the beginning and focus on the fundamental techniques that will equip your fingers to play virtually any style of music with ease.


Guitar lessons will help you to:

  • Learn to read music

  • Develop effective practice techniques

  • Gain confidence in your playing and performances

  • Feel inspired and inspire others

  • Express yourself artistically

The classical guitar style will be incorporated into our weekly lessons.  It is the goal of this first period to supply each student with a foundation of understanding in the classical guitar technique that will allow them to progress in the musical direction of their choice, whether they wish to continue with classical or integrate popular or folk styles. Each lesson plan is tailored to the individual student. 

Mission Statement

Stephan Kane is dedicated to providing exceptional guitar instruction that creates an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment for students to exude confidence and joy in their musical playing and expression for a lifetime.


“I hired Stephan to continue teaching my son classical guitar, and we have been beyond pleased.  Stephan has been an absolute pleasure to work with — flexible with scheduling, super friendly and very knowledgeable.  Most importantly, my son really responds to him.  Stephan has a very calm demeanor and is great with kids.  He has also gone out of his way to let us know about classical guitar concerts and events which my son has really enjoyed.  My son is really blossoming under Stephan’s instruction and seems to be genuinely inspired to continue learning. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Stephan for any child or adult wanting to learn (or continue learning) classical guitar!”

Lisa Green


“I’ve played guitar for years, but after only one lesson with Stephan I noticed a huge improvement in sound, comfort and confidence. His talent in playing guitar is matched by his ability to teach–not a common gift. I highly recommend lessons from Stephan for anyone with a desire to take their skill to another level–beginners and experienced guitarists alike.“

Laura Christine



Performance opportunities lead to success!

Recitals are presented in the winter and spring to showcase the pieces that you have been working hard to prepare all year in a supportive performance atmosphere. 

Having something to work towards creates a goal-oriented mindset leading to feeling motivated in your practice and accelerating your learning.


Performing is visual as well as aural. Guidance on performance etiquette will be offered as we approach the recital date, such as how to bow correctly, enter and exit, and connect with the audience to create an extraordinary performance.


Recital performances are optional, but all students are encouraged to play!

Listening to music

Like a painter studying how to paint, it is essential that she or he observe other paintings for inspiration and ideas throughout their development. 
This is the same for musicians. We gain knowledge from what we listen to while exposing ourselves to different ideas and interpretations. 
It is important to have a large listening pallet of varying interpretations of music to become a well-rounded and accomplished musician. 
I sometimes recommend pieces to listen to using a customized Spotify playlist and YouTube links of pieces that I think you might enjoy and get inspired by during your guitar learning. 

Book Your Zoom or In-Person Lesson

*In-person lessons are back! My studio is located at 425 Divisadero St. in San Francisco, CA. Set up a free 15-minute consultation lesson over Zoom to get started. Whether you want to learn in-person or through Zoom, you may choose either method or have a mix of both. Online lessons are an excellent way to learn the guitar from the comfort of your own home with the attention of a trained professional. Zoom is free to use. 
Simply choose your lesson duration and the day and time you would like your lesson from the options below. You will receive a confirmation email once your lesson is booked. Due to heavy enrollment, my studio is nearing capacity and if you do not see an available time that works for you, please email me directly with your desired times as slots change and become available periodically. 
Learning the guitar is most productive with regular, weekly lessons. Enroll in a monthly membership of weekly lessons to save up to 30% off tuition per month. Or book as you go with single lessons with no obligation. 

*For the moment, in-person lessons are offered to those with proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Online Zoom lessons are available to everyone.